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Steps from the Cliff is a downtempo music band formed in Santa Cruz, CA in 2023. The band consists of artist and composer Tim Knapp.


Born during a tumultuous series of California weather events in January 2023, Steps from the Cliff emerged from the creative sanctuary of Tim Knapp's residence, nestled overlooking the iconic West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. Inspired by the raw power and stark beauty of the storms, Knapp chose the band name to symbolize the precarious balance between the positive and negative forces in life, where standing "Steps from the Cliff" could evoke both peril and opportunity.

The band's music deliberately embraces a downward tempo and mood, inviting listeners into a space of introspection and contemplation. Each year, as inclement weather sweeps through, Steps from the Cliff embarks on a ritualistic process of writing and recording, channeling the atmospheric energy into the evocative soundscapes.

Since its inception, Steps from the Cliff has delivered three EPs and three singles, each release echoing the emotional depths and ethereal beauty of the coastal surroundings. With a commitment to exploring the dualities of existence, the band continues to carve out a distinctive sonic niche, inviting audiences to journey alongside through the stormy seas of life.


A&R Factory

In one of their most daring releases to date, Steps From the Cliff modernised Magazine’s 1978 single, The Light Pours Out of Me, bringing the seminal release in line with the trends in the darkwave synthpop domain while amplifying the broodingly dark energy of the post-punk staple.

It was a bold move to rework the original, given all of the scintillation that pours from the atmospherically ensnaring production, but the Santa Cruz-hailing outfit, fronted by Tim Knapp, succeeded in putting their own mark on the single. The sombre reflections within the harbingering downtempo lament become all the more affecting through the contrast of the shimmer of the crystalline melodies carved by the glassy synths and the whispered snarls which carry the lyricism with maximum conviction.

The Light Pours Out of Me features on Steps From the Cliff’s most recent EP, Knowhere Fast, which reached the airwaves on January 26.

Stream The Light Pours Out of Me on all major platforms via this link.

Written by Amelia Vandergast

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